transport krajowy i zagranicznyprzeprowadzki
Euro-Taxi: transport krajowy i międzynarodowy


In order to make the transportation of your goods as safe as possible, we invest in very modern vehicles which allow us to make our journeys safer. We also insure all of your items just so you can be more significant that there's nothing to worry about - we handle transportation of goods since 20 years.

Of course good equipment isn't enough to fully secure your goods. We also have the most skillful and professional drivers in Poland . Every one of our drivers has at least 3 years of experience in domestic and international transportation.

That's not all. We have the Certificate of Professional Transporters for International and Domestic Goods Transportation. This certificate is only a conformation of our professional skills.

Safe transportation of your goods is of course the most important factor for us. We also have very strict rules which tell that we are always on time with our work. All of our drivers have cell phones and will inform you if anything goes not according to plan. Just in case.

Do you know that ...

Euro-Taxi Group s.c. for nearly 20 years has been involved in transporting goods both within Poland and Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Euro-Taxi has the Certificate of Proffesional Transporters for International and Domestic goods transportation?

If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to anwser your call at: + 48 22 679 02 50 and +48 602 626 079.

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