transport krajowy i zagranicznyprzeprowadzki
Euro-Taxi: transport krajowy i międzynarodowy

About us

For nearly 20 years we've been involved in transporting goods both within Poland and Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Euro Taxi team consists of professional and dependable employees. Each of our drivers has at least four year practice in domestic and international transportation as well as in removals, which guarantees the highest quality and dependency of our services. We are a member of the Z.M.P.D. and R.U.

We have as many as 10 delivery trucks at our disposal with the single truck holding capacity of up to 3000 kg and 40 cubic meters of volume capacity.

All of our trucks are designed and equipped to handle also hanging clothing.

For your extra comfort we offer our own customs insurance: T.I.R. or T1 and T2.

Hundred of firms have trusted us, and we didn't disappoint a single one. Don't wait - join the company of our satisfied customers today!

Do you know that ...

Euro-Taxi has the Certificate of Proffesional Transporters for International and Domestic goods transportation?

If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to anwser your call at: + 48 22 679 02 50 and +48 602 626 079.

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