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Euro-Taxi: transport krajowy i międzynarodowy

International transport

Our offer has been made based on more than 20 year experience in transporting goods in all over Europe. It's very competitive and what's important - extremely flexible.

We accept every order, due to our huge experience, nothing can surprise us. We will first insure your goods and then deliver them to any place in Europe you specify. International transporting It is our specialization.

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Domestic transport

Domestic transportation is our most common activity. Every day new clients are asking us for help in transporting their goods within Poland. We take it as a proof of our reliability.

Satisfaction of our clients is what makes us proud and what we achieve every time someone asks us for transporting his goods. Every item we handle is firstly insured what makes our client certain they have nothing to worry about.

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Do you know that ...

Euro-Taxi Group s.c. for nearly 20 years has been involved in transporting goods both within Poland and Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to anwser your call at: + 48 22 679 02 50 and +48 602 626 079.

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